Nurturing Your Mission

Board Governance

Strong boards are integral to the creation and sustainability of nonprofits. The basis of board leadership begins with solid governance practices. At Lee+ Associates, we support board members as they develop their roles as stewards of the organization’s mission, ambassadors within their communities and in their desire to support their staff to create and achieve their vision.

  • Training to engage board/staff
  • Design and lead visioning and mission statement workshops
  • Coach board, senior leadership and staff to understand roles
  • Orientation and onboarding for new board/staff
  • Facilitation of board meetings, training sessions, staff retreats
  • Guidance on IRS application/requirements, public policy and legal issues
El Milagro Clinic

El Milagro Clinic provides primary and behavioral health services to the medically indigent in the Lower Rio Grande Valley with help from Lee+ Associates’ comprehensive board education.