What makes Lee+ Associates’ approach unique?

  • We listen.
  • We tailor a unique approach for each and every client.
  • We bring a holistic approach to nonprofits’ needs, knowing that successful fund development depends on an engaged board, an effective organization, and appropriate staffing.
  • We are experienced nonprofit professionals ourselves. All of our Associates have years of experience leading, fundraising for and managing mission-focused nonprofits.
  • We offer our own proprietary solutions based on success solutions we’ve developed assisting more than 200 nonprofits across Texas.

Why should our nonprofit choose Lee+ Associates?

  • We are experts. Our principals and associates have a total of more than 150 years of hands-on experience in leading, managing, and supporting nonprofit organizations.
  • We are humble and respectful. Our team has deep experience throughout Central Texas and South Texas. When we work in a region that is new to us, we utilize careful research, involve the right people and take care to respect the culture of that community.
  • We genuinely care. We know that our success starts with understanding your mission and challenges, and the best practices and philanthropic patterns of your city or region.

How much do you charge and how are you paid?

Our fees are competitive, and we work with you to meet your budgetary limitations. As per the Association of Fundraising Professionals guidelines, we work on a fixed monthly retainer plus expenses.

We do not charge for initial consultation.

How can you help us with our capital campaign?

Depending on your specific needs, we can:

  • Undertake a comprehensive capital campaign feasibility study
  • Assist you in writing your case statement
  • Provide campaign management to keep volunteers and staff focused
  • Assist in the strategic planning process and a development assessment, both of which often precede a campaign
  • Provide essential preparation for your staff on best practices and procedures
  • Train your leadership, board, and other volunteers on how to make effective fundraising “asks.”

After the campaign, we assist in the analysis of your success and help you begin the next stage of your fundraising efforts.

What is a development assessment and why do I need one?

A development assessment is a detailed analysis of your organization’s fundraising program designed to provide specific strategies and recommendations that you can put into use right away. The audit includes:

  • Examining your annual fund, major gift plans, your fundraising appeals, as well as your acknowledgement processes
  • Reviewing your staffing and fundraising volunteer structure
  • Conducting an attitudinal survey of the people who support your organization and care about its future

A development assessment equips an organization with the necessary next steps to increase funds raised and is essential preparation for major gifts solicitation or a capital campaign.

We need help motivating our Board.  How can you help?

The key to an effective nonprofit is an engaged, involved board of volunteer leaders who care about the future of your organization and who will partner with you to make it successful. We provide training on the appropriate role of board members as well as fundraising training including “how to make a successful ask” for board members. Our coaching and mentoring for board members is an essential step in preparing for fundraising and growing your organization’s capacity to deliver on its mission.