About Us

Adding Value To Vision

At Lee+ Associates, we bring a holistic approach to help nonprofits grow capacity, strengthen leadership and most effectively deliver on their mission. Our team’s experience means Lee+ Associates provide you with professional counsel, accurate information and proven strategies, adding value to your vision.

Our holistic approach encourages success. For nonprofit organizations seeking the highest level of operations and mission delivery, we are a one-stop shop. Other nonprofit consulting firms limit their services to discrete aspects of nonprofit work. We offer comprehensive services around four major organizational pillars:

  • Governance
  • Fund Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Capital Management

Successful and effective organizations must achieve a balance between these four elements for organizational health and sustainability. Utilizing a single firm for different phases of nonprofit growth and planning fosters shared relationships and knowledge.

Throughout the past 22 years, nonprofits choose to work with us again and again, seeking additional guidance and expertise for their next phase of growth or change.

We customize our approach. We help nonprofits ranging from the one-person shop to large institutions, in major cities and in rural areas, all across Texas. We work with schools, libraries, universities, museums, arts organizations, faith-based groups, animal/environmental groups, and human services nonprofits. We believe every nonprofit is unique.

Your project is our priority. At Lee+ Associates we take pride in providing quality time and energy to the nonprofits we counsel. For that reason, we limit the engagements we take and bring to every project our highest capacity and expertise to devote to your success.

Lee + Associates Values

  • Integrity – We always do what we promise. Always.
  • Respect – We show respect for our clients and colleagues by listening, maintaining confidences, and being responsive to their needs.
  • Curiosity – As thought partners to the nonprofits we work with, we keep up with trends and best practices in our fields of expertise. We have a genuine interest in our clients’ work, their motivators, whom they serve and what they value.
  • Potential – We help nonprofits, and their leaders, discover and reach their highest potential by offering practical and tested solutions.
  • Community – We care deeply about our communities’ work, believing that together we can do more, better.

The nonprofit expert. Marion Lee, CEO, leads the Lee+ Associates team of talented, experienced professionals. Each member of our team brings decades of practical nonprofit experience. We are able to offer you expert advice and formulate thoughtful plans and strategies to effectively address your needs.